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A play with 99 characters inspired by real life stories written and staged in collaboration with the residents of a city, the employees of a company or the members of an association, the principle of the 99 projects is (relatively) simple. But then, everything starts. The year 2019 ends with two extraordinary projects starting up:  99 LIVE LEBANON in Lebanon and 99 PARFUMS in Grasse.


The writing phase is launched!

A short trip to Beirut (Lebanon), in November 2019 allowed me to set up the writing phase of the play 99 LIVE LEBANON with the support of a remarkable local artistic team and to find a dream venue to organize collaborative writing workshops with Lebanese residents from all religions and social backgrounds.  A crowdfunding is ongoing to support the creation of this ambitious theatrical play. Read more…

99 PERFUMES in Grasse

Writing workshops are completed

Early September, I wrote in French a first version of the play 99 PARFUMS based from 140 hours of ethnographic interviews of Grasse’s fragrance and flavours professionals. This winter, students from the Lycée Professionnel de Croisset and prisoners from the Grasse prison produced their own texts inspired by this astonishing textual material that mixes stories of know-how and scented materials, episodes of seasonal workers life and chronicles of mergers -acquisitions, olfactory memory and chemical analysis. I cannot wait to read their contributions and refine the composition of the play in January / February 2020. Note that a first public release will take place on March 10, 2020 from 13h00 to 15h00 at “Petit Paris” in Grasse.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Genevieve Flaven

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