The 99 PROJECT team would like to invite you to participate in 99 LIVE LEBANON. This ambitious theatrical project is of course a team work with Sarah Bussy, author and director and Genevieve Flaven in France and Muriel Aboulrouss, director and co-producer of the Zyara web series with Home of Cine-Jam, the performers Michelle and Noel Keserwany or Nathalie Le Gac professor of theater at Carmel Saint Joseph in Lebanon.

What is the objective of the 99 LIVE LEBANON project?

99 LIVE LEBANON aims to write and stage in collaboration a play with  99 characters inspired by the portraits in the web series Zyara by Home of Cine-Jam.

Like all the plays created according to the 99 PROJECT concept, 99 LIVE LEBANON will be a special play, featuring 99 short monologues, at time funny or moving, inspired by the life stories of Lebanese men and women of yesterday, today and tomorrow. The subtle portraits of the web series Zyara are the foundations of the future play. During the writing workshops, we will be touched by the stories of these ordinary or extraordinary Lebanese heroes and then carry their voices with our own words or share our stories in resonance with their testimonials.

The writing of the play will take place online as of June 2020 with a series of online writing workshops conducted in French, English and Arabic followed by translation and composition work. The production of the play will take place in 2021 as reading performances in Lebanon and elsewhere.

What is the purpose of the 99 LIVE LEBANON project?

99 LIVE LEBANON is a cultural, humanist project, free for participants and non-profit. It is a platform open to all Lebanese to create together a new collective narrative reflecting the diversity of points of view but carrying a common sense as well. The creative process of THE 99 PROJECT leverages the driving force of a collective narrative and the identification power of theater to help build a living community, based on shared human experiences and not on stereotyped postures. In this sense, 99 LIVE LEBANON supports the democratic aspirations of the Lebanese people and intends to contribute to the resilience of Lebanese society as a whole.

How to participate in the writing of the play?

On Wednesday June 10 from 11 am to 12 noon (Beirut time) will be held a first workshop in English. To join the first English workshop and be informed of the next sessions in English, French, and Arabic, please register here.

Some practical details

Writing workshops are open to everyone. You don’t have to be a seasoned writer. Just like writing or just wanting to write is enough.

Each workshop lasts approximately 1 hour and takes place on ZOOM. You must therefore have a correct internet connection. It is planned to organize several workshops in French, English or Arabic from June to September. You do not have to participate in all workshops. It’s à la carte. And again, it’s free.

Once registered, you will receive a full email with the connection link and more details on the workshop, writing instructions, confidentiality etc…


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