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As Europeam countries gradually reopen after the health crisis, the 99 PROJECTS are accelerating. On going collaborative writing workshops will continue this summer to be ready to come on stage as of September 2020.

Where are we now ?

99 LIVE LEBANON, Lebanon

56 registered participants, already 15 workshops in three languages in French, Arabic and English led by enthusiastic workshop facilitators Michelle Keserwany, Sarah Bussy and Geneviève Flaven. Writing together the future play 99 LIVE LEBANON inspired by the moving portraits of the ZYARA web series leads us to experience intense moments of wonder, tragedy and resilience. Michelle Keserwany who runs the workshops in Arabic tells…

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99 VOICES, Habitat & Humanism (H&H) France

The “power to say” of the most fragile people is not an empty word at Habitat & Humanism. A.Perroy

From May to June, we gave seven online writing workshops and wrote hundreds of short monologues inspired by the life stories of members of Habitat and Humanism movement. The collection of testimonials, edited in a book, just obtained the patronage of the French National Commission of UNESCO. To celebrate our production, we read a selection of texts on June 25th online, giving a taste of the future play 99 VOICES which will be performed on Saturday September 26th at the Gilgamesh theatre in Avignon as part of the C’EST PAS DU LUXE festival! I feel incredibly fortunate to accompany a group of amateurs’ actors and actresses from Nice on this theatre adventure, as ambassadors for the entire movement.

Listen to the reading on June 25th (average quality)

The project team is growing

Bruno Flaven and Catherine Jolibert recently joined the 99 PROJECT team. Bruno, Geneviève’s brother, started his career in television documentaries production and then moved to the Internet (for money, he admits). He will provide technical support to the 99 platform. Catherine Jolibert is and Executive Coach ; her practise and tools will help consolidate future 99 “business oriented” projects. A Doctor in Environmental Sciences, Cathy is also a member of a female team from the French Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing also known as EDAF-PUNK.

Discover their portaits

What’s next?

99 PERFUMES, Grasse

A year ago, I received 140 hours of sound recordings from workers in the perfume factory in Grasse and extracted from these material, a sophisticated “juice”, 99 Parfums, a documentary play that covers the cultivation of perfume plants and corporate takeovers, the cult of secrecy and social conflicts as well. The interest of documentary writing is hold heterogeneous elements together so that they resolve into something, new, unheard and perhaps even true. The play will be performed at Les Dits du Lundi on October 12th at L’Entrepont in Nice with 6 actors. The reading, directed by Jacques Laurent, will also be supported by the ethnographic photos of Alain Sabatier, a photographer whose remarkable work I discovered through unexpected encounters.

Best wishes
Geneviève Flaven

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