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THE PROJECT 99 adapted to the unprecedented context of the health crisis by dematerializing the creative process of ongoing projects. The month of July was focused on the collaborative writing of three new original plays in France and Lebanon and the organization of an innovative corporate seminar to help revitalize and re-engage teams after lockdown.

Where are we now?

INTERFACES, whole France

How to revitalize and re-mobilize teams after lockdown?

Interfaces helps local authorities and large organisations operate spaces dedicated to new businesses and start-ups and the company manages 25 locations (coworking spaces and business incubators) in France. The lockdown provoked different reactions from the site directors ranging from overwork to disengagement. For Maria Harti, president of Interfaces, a simple back to “normal” was not really possible! Ms Harti wanted to find an innovative soution engage teams in learning from their experience and envisioning a successful future. We proposed a highly creative and energetic one-day seminar to:

  • Listen and share the lockdown’s experience
  • Re-energize teams
  • Re-mobilize the team on the vision, mission and values
roped party in Paris

The program combined exercises inspired by creative practices (writing and theater) and team building all this in a joyful atmosphere. The roped march prepared by Cathy Jolibert in the streets of Paris made it possible to bring up fine observations on leadership. Geneviève Flaven’s guided improvisations around the core values of the company unlocked bodies and minds to embody future roles and encourage experimentation.

Read more about our corporate initiatives

99 LIVE LEBANON, Lebanon

The writing cycle of the future piece 99 LIVE LEBANON is complete!

For two months, around fifty participants of all ages and all backgrounds have resonated with the portraits of Lebanese from the ZYARA webseries by Home of Cine Jam from and wrote two hundred powerful monologues in Arabic, French and English.

Thank you! Anne. Aya Dalloul. Catherine Otayek. Christine.s. G. Isabelle Zighondi. Jacqueline Harb. Joanna Tyan. Laurence. Lynn Al Hakim. Magda Saleh. Mariam El Soufi. Mariam el soufi. Mariam Sabra. Mariane Osseiran. Marie Therese Ghosn. Michèle Paulikevitch . MoonA. Nour Kilzi. Rana Hajj Mrad. Raya Hajj. Roula Hajj. Sarah. Tania Keyrouz. Yara Falakha. Yara Tn. تانيا كيروز , the anonymous writers and of course the whole team of Home of Cine-Jam (Muriel Aboulrouss, Denise Jabbour and co.) for being part in this special adventure.

Sr Nathalie who took part in the French writing workshops, reports her experience. Read Nathalie’s article

Listen to English monologues (Extract July 28th, 2020)

The translation begins in August

During the month of August, collaborative workshops will take place to support the translation process. In effect, the future play 99 LIVE LEBANON has to be translated into the three languages ​​of the project in order to offer several staging possibilities dependin upon the cast and the venue : a reading in one language, a trilingual performance, etc.. Translation is a movement towards others and toward oneself. The stakes are high, particularly in Lebanon where languages ​​are a social marker. The difference between the Lebanese and written literary Arabic is also a complex question. Since the first play 99 women in 2015, THE 99 PROJECT likes to navigate between languages: French of course, but also English, Chinese, Hindi, Marathi, Tunisian Derja, Congo Sesotho, Croatian or Indonesian Sundanese. Official languages ​​or dialects, written or spoken languages, the active confrontation of languages ​​generate poetic sparks that create the “unpredictable”.

Registration for the translation workshops is open. If you write perfectly in French, Arabic or English and read another language fluently, you can join us. The workload of each translator will remain reasonable (1500 -2000 words)

Join the translators’ team

Next steps

5ème Rencontre de la Montagne Partagée (Solidaires), La Grave

THE 99 PROJECT in a roped party with 4000 Solidaires and ATD Quart-Monde

On Saturday, August 29, 2020 in La Grave (Hautes-Alpes) will take place the “5ème Rencontre de la Montagne Partagée (Solidaires)”. This event is organized by the association 4000 Solidaires and the ATD Quart-Monde movement. The high mountains are a natural space for everyone and the event wants to make it accessible, in particular to those who have no money and are not athletes. Cathy Jolibert is involved in the general organization of the project and Geneviève Flaven will lead an altitude theater workshop to explore the emotions and values of the mountain people before climbing the Girose glacier.


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