Collaborative writing : an experience

“We find in ourselves what makes all hearts beat, we hear it together, we say it and we say it again, and we write it together”

Sr. Nathalie Le Gac 52 years old, theater teacher at the College of Carmel Saint-Joseph in Mechref (Lebanon) has lived in Lebanon for 7 years. This summer, she is back in France, in Normandy for a new life project…She took part in the French writing workshops of 99 LIVE LEBANON.

Why did you join the 99 LIVE LEBANON project?

A coincidence (providence, perhaps?) And a nice meeting with Geneviève last year when she was scouting in Lebanon took me on this adventure that was built step by step. I like this collaborative work where everyone make their own contribution to the project, while feeling guided and reassured along the creative process. I told her yes, without any hesitation. Her personality and the almost professional dimension of the project helped me to integrate our high school students into a tangible project.

What did you think of this experience of the writing workshops based on the episodes of Zyara?

It was a great experience of creation, listening and discovery too. I participated to these online workshops using zoom and these workshops were like a small living cell connected with unknown people and their stories. I liked these intimate meetings open to other intimate stories. We find in ourselves what makes all hearts beat (with fear or joy), we hear it together, we say it and we say it again, and we write it together. In short, the work of rewriting constantly takes us from the personal to the universal dimension of our life. Drawing inspiration from real stories of Lebanese enabled us to spot all kinds of emotions and sensations linked to the very particular story of war and its scars.

What do you expect from the rest of the project and in particular from the future piece?

I would be a bit far for the next steps, but I am waiting for a theater team to be able to put the beauty of written words into speech and play, to make them even more alive, so that all the thick stories that are the weight of our common humanity are transmitted again and again, and make us grow in compassion, communion and love for one another …

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Text of Sr nathalie edited and translated by GF

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