The premiere of the play 99 LIVE SHANGHAI in Chinese took place on September 23rd, 2017 at Ming Contemporary Art Museum. To prepare this performance, readers, dancers and musicians only had a few weeks and everyone had to focus on bare necessities, take some risks and trust collaborative work.

The readers Tina 吴梦婷, Coco俞晴, Louise 陆倩倩, Kiki 王愷, Raymond 王福昌and Tony 陈放directed by Jessie Jin金晶晶 embodied the 99 characters of the play with clarity and commitment. Most of them participated in the 99 project from the beginning, as interviewees, interviewers and writers and they understood the characters of the play ‘by heart’.

Dance and music were important pieces to break the linear structure of the play. Anna MATVEEVA created a choreography on the music OLIMPICA from Roberto Cacciapaglia for four dancer’s Lei 和 张雷, Natalia Kuznetsov, Lily李莉, Louise Lu 陆倩倩. Her inspiration came from the Shanghai metro and the feeling of being alone in the crowd.

Lidwine DESLANGLE, Claire MARTIN, Chris DEMAS and Genevieve FLAVEN from the Small Sax orchestra played short music pieces to accompany the dynamics of the play and reinforce the “colours” of the five acts with Jazz, Tango, Gipsy or Chinese melodies.

The production, sound and light management was supported by Weiwei, Xiawei and Nini from MCAM and the brand BONOBO for the costumes.




Photos credits: YanDan and Jeff

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