99 parfums: une pièce de inspirée par les récits des travailleurs de l’industrie du parfum.

99 parfums est une pièce de théâtre à 99 personnages de Geneviève Flaven, inspirée par les  récits des travailleurs de l’industrie du parfum à Grasse. C’est la première fois que le dispositif du « 99 project » est appliqué au monde du travail et c’est passionant! Geneviève raconte. Tout commence à Grasse en 2018 En […]

99 perfumes: a documentary play based from the life stories of the perfume industry workers. 

“99 perfumes” is a play with 99 characters written by Genevieve Flaven and inspired by the stories of workers from the perfume industry in Grasse. It is the first time the 99-project theatre device is applied to the experience of working and it is exciting! Genevieve reports. It all began in Grasse…. Last year, in […]

Interview at Fréquence Protestante

Geneviève Flaven was invited on July 13th, 2019 by Sandra Baraud to talk about her journey from Europe to China and back, from management to theatre, from design consulting  to cultural transformation. Sandra and Genevieve met in La Ruche, a network of French speaking women in Shanghai that Sandra cofounded; the association was the partner […]