Houston Pokorny, sophomore in theatre, participates in rehearsal for the theatre department’s production of Wiley and the Hairy Man. “It was very nerve-wracking because [Dement] told me we had two and a half weeks until the show and everyone else has been working for almost four weeks. I had to get my lines down, and I am mostly off book now, in a week,” Houston Pokorny, sophomore in theatre, said. “It’s been very challenging, especially coming in with everyone knowing their blocking and I felt like I was the total ‘new guy.’”

It’s your moment to shine.

The 99 project, a collaborative group of storytellers, writers, and actors in Shanghai, is currently seeking additional actors to be in the play in April 2017. Novice, experienced – all are welcome until we fill up the remaining spots!

We are also recruiting a few acting directors to work with our actors and staging team. This is a great opportunity for people who have some theatre experience and want to try their hand at being a director. We need people with original ideas to bring their personality and perspective to our play. You will have your team of actors whom you will mentor from first reading all the way through to live performances in a Shanghai theatre venue. You’ll also get to work with local choreographers, our staging team, and other teams of actors and directors.

We also welcome dancers who are interested in joining a dance group for pieces that will be performed segments of the play.

In preparation, all actors, directors, and dancers will meet weekly in small groups through February, March, and April.

If you want to join the team, please click here : join-us


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