A French association “the 99 project” is under creation to underpin the sustainability of the project.

According to its principles, the association promotes creativity, theatre, collaboration and generosity.The purpose is to approach the question of the uniqueness of each being, and his/her relationship with his/her uniqueness, as well as the relationship between people, all that through writing and theatre.

All literary creative rights, be it interviews, snapshots or plays on the platform are ceded, in full, to the association.

Credit, “as an original idea by Geneviève Flaven”, is always to be mentioned. Each party, the authors/writers and contributors are to be cited, according to an established charter that is signed by each project participant.

This association will look for sponsors to enable operation of the project and to highlight its cultural activities. The performances will be paid for. Books may be published. All profits will be donated to causes identified during the course of the project.

The people involved in the project will work on a voluntary basis. The association may decide to incur expenses to pay for specialist work essential to the success of the project or, exceptionally, an artist’s work.

The association operates on the basis of small autonomous groups, with strong accountability and capacity to act. We will consistently apply the principle of an “advice process”: each person can make a decision on an issue; in order to make a decision, that person must consult experts and those affected by her/his decision and then let her/his conscience decide.

Marguerite Deperrois and Genevieve Flaven are the founders of this association. In case of conflict on a subject within the association, they will ultimately make a joint decision. If this is not possible, an outside mediator will be sought.