Let’s continue the collaborative creative adventure!

Based on Genevieve Flaven’s original play “99 women”, we propose to re-engage the collaborative, innovative and creative principles of the play! This time, these principles will apply from the beginning to the end of the project.

Following interviews with men and women about their lives, a collaborative platform for writing and staging of the play will be opened, to write snapshots of men’s and women’s lives, to create and stage a new “99” play.

As with the first “99 women” project, volunteers who want to participate will work in small, autonomous groups.

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 “The 99 project”

“The 99 project”, launched and named by Marguerite Deperrois and Genevieve Flaven, lives online at: “the99project.net”.

The platform welcomes collaborative writing and staging, for a city, in multiple languages.

It aims to:

  • provide a creative environment, creative criterai, guidelines and the organization of the 4 phases of this collaborative project,
  • document the whole project and publish the work as it progresses,
  • promote the plays,
  • look for sponsors and market the shows.

All profits will be donated to causes identified as the project progresses

The roll out of interviewing, writing and staging

We are rolling out a new project for a new “99” play, based on Genevieve Flaven’s original idea. What the final product will look like is a mystery; anything’s possible.

  • 4 phases U projectphase 1: interviews with real people about their real lives. The material gathered will inspire the stories written by creative teams in phase 2.
  • phase 2: collaborative writing to create men’s and women’s snapshots. The snapshots will be published and given to the editing group in phase 3.
  • phase 3: collaboratively compose the play “99 women and men” from the snapshots created by the writers in phase 2. The plays will be published and given to the groups in phase 4
  • phase 4: collaborative staging of the show – just as we did for “99 women,” season 1 in Shanghai, 2015.

Update: we’ve come up with a great alternative to the large theatre performance

At the beginning of 2017, we faced changes. We had to consider the fact that in Shanghai, it’s been increasingly difficult to produce large-scale independent art shows. The staging directors have been meeting to discuss options, and we’ve come up with a great alternative to the large theatre performance as first planed (phase 4): a series of smaller, “pop up” performances throughout the city of Shanghai in the fall months of 2017.