Philip just joined the 99 project as interviewee and future actor. He will make sure together with Joshua, Yannic, Renaud, Gustavo, Nicolas, Felix, Germain, Luis, Sanford, Artem, Lan and many more that “men’s voices and experiences are included in the next version of 99”.

A gentleman, Philip added these nice words: “I had the chance to see 99 Women last year, and it was a lovely and very poetic theatre experience. I’m delighted to have the chance to participate in a simple and easy way in the continuation of this project. It’s exciting to be able to be involved in a project that reaches across nationality, language and gender”.

Gentlemen, join us!
We are looking primarily for interviewee, both men and women living in Shanghai and willing to spend two hours of their time between April and June 2016 to share their life stories confidentially with interviewers trained in active listening.
The interviews are not intended to produce detailed biographies but rather to seize by sensitive touches, a life course and vivid details that reveals an identity.
An interview guide facilitates the exchange but the conversation is very free and non-intrusive. Everyone is free to say as much as he/she wants or as little as they wish.
We would like especially the voices of men to be heard and kindly invite you to join the project.

Join us

The 99 project team



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