We can hardly believe it. Our volunteers have already done over 100 interviews!

We are half way to our goal.

A lot of inspirational material has been collected for the scripts.

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Here are some of their testimonials, said during their interviewer meetings or sent by email. Thank you for sharing these experiences with us.

I did not think she would ask me what I had learned from my experiences. I was surprised by my answers. I keep thinking about it.” Daniele, interviewee

“Being interviewed by a stranger and summarizing my whole life story into a 2-hour talk was a totally new and intriguing experience.  As a curious person and former journalist, I’ve interviewed many people in different areas. But this time, thanks to the 99Project I finally got the chance to explore myself. And I love it! ” Coco, Interviewee

“I registered because a friend asked me to. I figured why not… And actually it was amazing!  I hope everyone’s interview will be this much fun! ” Mike, interviewee

The interview actually helped to know myself better and it’s great to have someone listen to me so attentively for a full hour” Jenny, interviewee

Finalement on a très peu d’occasion de vraiment parler de sa vie, c’était un moment fort qui fait prendre du recul sur le quotidien” interviewé, Nicolas

Le temps d’une rencontre nous étions complètement en phase j’ai ressenti une connexion très forte” Claire, interviewée.

Ma première interview a été un moment de découverte intense d’une vie inconnue, avec un effet miroir sur mes propres expériences. Une parenthèse hors du temps, qui permet de manière assez incroyable et naturelle, de dépasser la superficialité habituelle d’une première rencontre.” Emilie, interviewer

I liked really being heard as by a loving family member….without the interruptions, judgement and scolding“, Lucy, interviewee

Add your story while there is still time!



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