A new section has been added to our website: “99 slides” features fashion-inspired sketches, pictures, videos, etc., all creative moments that capture the spirit of our events and gatherings.
We showcase “99 slides” because the 99 project is a celebration of creativity through many different media. Because the project is about process, not just about the final production. And because we are committed to capturing and sharing memories with the community.

If you come to our meetings and events, you may just find yourself on our website in cartoon form!

It all started on March 22nd at Kartel, when Genevieve Flaven and Marguerite Deperrois did a presentation of the project in front of english-speaking volunteers. For this occasion, Celine Menard – illustrator and textile designer, part of the 99 project graphic design team-, captured some interesting moments as amazing sketches!

Reproduction Kartel 7

They are all available in the “99 slides” section.

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