It’s nearly the end of June – and we started our interviewing adventure in April … where has the time gone ?! We’ve all been busy with our work, as well as finding interviewees, interviewing them and writing reports.  What a variety of people we’ve met.. what a lot of characters, stories   … what a lot of writing in Chinese, French and English ! 

It was great to get to know all of you … and hopefully we will keep in touch as the project proceeds into the next phases … but now it is time to “pass the baton” to the writers … 

Passe le baton

We invite all the interviewers to a close up session next Tuesday, 28th of June, at Le Petit Canard at 7:30 pm.

Thanks to all of you for your hard work and commitment … let’s keep following the project together … maybe we can do something more along the way …. 

Le Petit Canard

2/F, 167 Yanping Lu,
near Wuding Lu
延平路167号, 近武定路

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