99 HEC Diversity

The project 99 HEC FOR DIVERSITY aims  at collaboratively writing and performing an original 99-character play inspired by real-life stories and testimonies around diversity and inclusion issues (gender, ethnicity, religion, appearance, social background, sexual orientation, etc.)

How to be part of it ?

The project will run from January to June 2022. It is open to all the HEC community, students from all programs, teachers, alumni. And every participant can enter the project at any stage.

It is open to all the HEC community, students from all programs, teachers, alumni. And every participant can enter the project at any stage (see the program on next page). Activities will include story collection (January and February), writing workshops (March), Acting (April)…

The challenge of diversity

Diversity is apparently acquired in principle. But the practices do not always follow, or with delay, this evolution. Discrimination, insulting remarks, violence … so many words that cover inequalities due to gender, origin, religion, physical appearance or sexual orientation while the means of action are still debated .. The Covid-19 crisis in particular offered a new illustration of the imbalance linked to social origins.
To fundamentally change mentalities, and therefore reality, relationships of respect and equality must be built early. Students are the citizens, men and women of tomorrow. They are the employees, entrepreneurs or self-employed of tomorrow. It is by reflecting and acting with them that lasting transformation can take place.
Even within schools and student groups themselves, social relationships, racial representations and gender relations are themselves complex and often sources of frustration, injustice, even violence and suffering.

Project steps


Gather stories and testimonies during 6 online debate sessions (6 x 90 minutes) on defined topics (gender equality, social or racial discrimination, etc.), with an external speaker or moderator and two two note takers. An online platform is also open to share your stories.

Practical information

  • 6 online sessions to take place in January/February 2022 in English or French
  • You can either share your story, co-facilitate the online session or take notes


Highlight the individual stories by rewriting verbatim for the stage (short monologues) and deepening the reflection during 6 collaborative writing workshops. 1h30

  • 6 online sessions  to take place in March 2022


Articulate the 99 monologues in the form of a play that will speak to everyone in 2 days (weekend) or 4 half days with a small group of students (6 to 8 students) involved
  • 1 weekend end of March 2022
  • Significant writing and/or theater experience required


Directing and performing the play with around thirty students, working on the incarnation of defined roles (voice, body, emotions, etc.) during 10-12 group theater workshops of 3 hours.

  • 10-12 group theater workshops of 3 hours
  • Theater association welcome


Make a video that features the monologues of the play embodied by 99 students by setting up an  pop-up studio on campus for 4 days (the students are filmed one by one)
  • 1 half day in April 2022


Facilitate a time for sharing  feedbacks around the process and what happened, so that everyone really take ownership of the theme and envision possible futures.

  • 2h in May 2022

Core team