Tuesday the 29th of March, at Kartel, many men and women came to learn more about the 99 project.

The presentation was in French, and many actresses from last year’s 99 women came to support us. We had a great time together, sharing memories about our first adventure.

Genevieve joked that she has to be careful with what she says. At one event, she annonced that with 99 women she had wanted to do something big; Marguerite came to see her two months later with the idea of doing something even bigger: the 99 project.

 Our adventure is widening, now including storytelling and staging, men and women.

So let’s talk about what is new with the 99 project.

99 women was a play written and staged by Geneviève Flaven. It began with one author, her style, her fictional universe. What started as a poem transformed into a play. It became 99 snapshots for 99 actresses.

In the 99 project, the snapshots and the plays will be written not by one author, but by many contributors, in collaboration.

For the 99 project, The 99 snapshots will be based on Genevieve Flaven’s original idea. We will keep the same structure: 99 snapshots starting with “My name is,” “I am called”… with a wordcount between 125 and 250.

In the original 99 women, the snapshots were inspired by imaginary characters.

In the 99 project, the stories will be inspired from real lives experiences.

As the name implies, 99 women was only about women.

The 99 project is about both men and women.

We want to explore the diversity and the singularity of men and women. We do not know what we will find. This exploration is part of the project. First, We will write a new “99 women” and then perhaps “99 men.” We will see.

99 women, season one, was about collaborative staging and acting.

Season 2 is about collaborative storytelling, staging and acting.

We want to start collaboration from the very beginning, at the root of the creative process.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 10.08.28

And what is unchanged?

99! As you have probably noticed by now, we kept the original “99” in the title. It is the core of the original play and what makes this project so special.

Beside that, we have four common key points.

1/ Creativity: the 99 project is a platform for self expression and offers new experiences. Creativity is at the heart of that project.

You can explore your creativity through interviewing (active listening implies that you conduct the interview in a smooth and efficient way, you will have to imagine questions that will reveal something the interviewee would have not found by himself), through being interviewed (you are asked to dive into yourself, your memories, your emotions, your thoughts), through writing, acting, dancing, staging, communication and so on. Each field stimulates creativity in its own way.

2/ Theater: the ultimate goal is to produce a play in 3 languages.

The project is about real lives; it starts with real people and ends on stage with the presence of real people. The writing part is really about writing theater, in an innovative way with 99 snapshots.

3/ Collaboration: all participants are volunteers and value collaboration.

The project is organized in small autonomous groups that will each build its own identity as a whole rather than a combination of individuals. This process is as important as the result itself.

4/ Generosity. Generosity is omnipresent.

Within the groups, between the groups, with the sponsoring, with the public and finally with the charities to which the benefits will be donated.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 10.08.09

We want to thank you for coming and supporting the project. Many new interviewers, interviewees, writers, actors and dancers have already registered.

Have a look at our new section “99 slides”that features fashion-inspired sketches, pictures, videos, etc., all creative “takes” that capture the spirit of our events and gatherings.

Interested by this project? Please join us!!!


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