We had an interview facilitators meeting yesterday – we talked about how to approach the briefings for all our interviewers …

What a lovely setting in our hostess’s apartment overlooking some of the older houses of Shanghai.

We enjoyed tasty cooking and baking, with some champagne and wine to accompany and celebrated the progress of Phase 1 !

It was a calm and friendly atmosphere where I met again some new “friends” from the Shanghai community …

We tried out some of the exercises we might use in the briefing sessions.

We want our interviewers to feel at ease with their task and to ensure they get the best out of the experience – both for the interviewee and for the interviewer !

Important to remember that the output of each interview will provide the inspiration for the writers in Phase 2 !

Job done – and ready to meet our interviewer teams – we’re on track and eager to get on the train and start our journey !

1 April 7th Landscape

2 April 7th AS Yimin

3 April 7th Emilie 2

4 April 7th Jane 4

5 April 7th VAl MD

6 April 7th SD 2

7 April 7th Stef

8 April 7th Val 2

9 April 7th Y 1

10 April 7th SD 4 bis

11 April 7th AS Emilie 1


12 April 7th Emilie SD

13 April 7th Jane 2


Have a look at our new section “99 takes”that features fashion-inspired sketches, pictures, videos, etc., all creative “takes” that capture the spirit of our events and gatherings.

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