We are happy to share with you some feedback we have received from our interviewees. Thank you to everyone who shared their experience.


English version

“Being interviewed by a stranger and summarizing my whole life story into a 2-hour talk was a totally new and intriguing experience.  As a curious person and former journalist, I’ve interviewed many people in different areas. But this time, thanks to the 99Project I finally got the chance to explore myself. And I love it! “

Coco IE

“Prepare to be surprised by yourself!” Ines

“It is like really being heard by a loving family member….without the interruptions, judgement and scolding” Mike

“As an interviewee, the interview actually helped to know myself better and it’s great to have someone listen to me so attentively for two full hours.” Valérie

” Finally we don’t have do many occasions to talk about our own lives, it was a touching moment that made me think differently about my daily life.” Nicolas H

“Trough the time of the meeting, we were completely in phase, I felt a strong connexion” Claire D.

“It’s incredible that we just share some secret and deep experiences with a person we first met.” Candy

And a very long and moving one. We just want to share in full length. Thank you for that long message.

“Wow… Those questions sound easy to answer until you really start thinking about them ? What did I learn about myself? Well I think I learned that I have a pretty “boring” or better said “normal” life. Which for many people I guess is out of the ordinary. So this is why I see it in a positive way. I don’t have anything to hide, there is no drama in my life. It’s pretty much all standard and going the way I kind of dreamt of as a kid when I had my “ideal” vision of life. I’m not saying that I am without issues, but I realized after the interview that maybe the way I deal with these issues is why I don’t let them take me down. So basically it brought me down to earth once again, making me realize that what I have is gold. It gave my ego a boost making me proud of what I have achieved and thankful also for the luck that was on my side until now (there is no denying the fact that luck does play his part in life) – sometimes more, sometimes less. So to the question: What did it bring me? It strengthened my perspective of loving my life as it is! What do I think people will take out of it? Interview: I imagine that for some it is a real therapy hour – where one can just spill their gutts out without being judged, and not having a professional Dr interviewing you probably makes it a lot easier to be natural from the start. Or you’ll walk out of the interview feeling like me. Play: I hope it makes people realize that life is so different for everyone and that no one person encounters the same challenges. And these challenges are what “makes a person”. I’m imagining, through seeing all these various types on stage, one should be able put their life back into the right perspective – towards oneself as to others too.” Katie

 IE Christine

Version française

“Etre interviewée par un inconnu et essayer de raconter ma vie en deux heures me semblaient une expérience très nouvelle et m’intriguaient vraiment. Etant curieuse et ancienne journaliste, j’ai moi-même interviewé beaucoup de personnes d’horizons très divers. Mais cette fois là, grâce au projet 99, j’ai finalement eu la chance d’être à la place de l’interviewée. Et j’ai vraiment aimé !” Coco

“Soyez prêt à être surpris !” Inès

“En tant qu’interviewée, l’interview m’a vraiment aidé à mieux me connaître et j’ai vraiment apprécié d’être écoutée si attentivement par quelqu’un deux heures durant. “Valérie

“Finalement on a très peu d’occasion de vraiment parler de sa vie, c’était un moment fort qui fait prendre du recul sur le quotidien” Nicolas H

” Le temps d’une rencontre nous étions complètement en phase j’ai ressenti une connexion très forte” Claire D.

“C’est juste incroyable comme vous pouvez finalement partager un secret et une expérience importante pour vous avec une personne que vous n’aviez pourtant jamais rencontrée auparavant.” Candy