The association

The 99 Project is an Association ( Law 1901) – founded on March 21st, 2018

The association aims to promote the creative expression of men and women by involving them in the creation and production of documentary plays
• Write and compose theatrical works in collaboration following Geneviève Flaven’s original idea.
• Organize writing workshops, acting workshops and trainings sessions on various art forms (writing, acting, singing, dancing, playing music, …) open to different types of audiences.
• Organize and produce performances, debates, workshops or trainings around theater, social innovation creativity and collaborative work.
• Design and accompany cultural projects of the same nature in France or abroad.

The association does not pursue any profit, political or religious purpose. The production of plays is intended to create acts of sharing, sincere relationships and meaningful practises based on cultural diversity, generosity and social innovation.

If you would like to support or partner with the 99 project – please contact us


For donations – here is the bank account of the association.