Over the past month, the Editorial team of the 99 project (consisting of 6 writers and editors) came together to bring form and function to the snapshots and transform them into a theatrical work. The multi-week process included story boarding, narrowing down the final selection of snapshots, and collaborative brainstorming about staging and plotting.

In the end, our editors have created a play in the more traditional sense of the word – there will be separate acts that tell different stories. The snapshots have been woven together to create characters who interact with others in dialogue.

The play consists of 5 acts combined with music sequences (5 musicians and a choir of 8 singers) and choreographies (6 to 8 dancers)

The Play, in Parts

Act 1: A family dinner

The play opens with the preparations of a family meal. Everyone is busy talking and working in the kitchen. Dinner is ready! The past resurfaced and with it, some well-kept secrets.

Act 2: The House of Solitudes

The party ends. Everyone is again confronted to oneself. In the middle of the night, facing the city, men and women wonder: Shanghai, what am I going to do with you?

Act 3: Speed Dating

Life resumes its hectic course. In a bar, bodies meet, seduce or ignore each other. One night affairs or eternal love, the game of love and desire is spoken in all languages.

Act 4: Cultural shocks

In Shanghai, the coexistence of cultures sparkles. From prejudices to enthusiastic discoveries of otherness, what does it mean to be Chinese, Scottish or French in a city that looks like a world?

Act 5: Tragi-comedy

The play ends with the tragicomic picture of human condition. In front of us, men and women reveal with sincerity and humor the tiny dramas and the heroic battles of their lives.