Interviewers and Writers raised glasses of white and red wine on Tuesday at 99’s social mixer aimed at bringing the two talent pools together.

Kartel hummed with food, drink, and story as Phase 1 passed the pencil to Phase 2.

“Are you an interviewer or a writer?”

“How many interviews have you done?”

“What was it like?”

“Where are you from?”

“What’s your story?”

The sound of new connections forming and the glow of QR codes were felt throughout the room.


Interviewers had a moment to reflect on their experiences and to share them with the group while writers came together and began imagining next year’s script.  Marguerite took the stage to introduce some of our writers and members of the Communication Team, while Genevieve had words of encouragement and talked about her experience writing 99 Women.

Vanessa et MD

Everyone took a moment to celebrate our Interviewers and to acknowledge just how much time it takes to interview someone and write the follow-up report.  Hearty applause and cheers were offered to everyone who has donated their time and commitment to the project

Everybody listening

This was a mixer, not a meeting, and very soon the official business was done and it was time to relax, have a glass, and enjoy an evening mixing with volunteers from both Phase 1 and 2 of the project.  By the end of June, all interviews will be complete, and writers will be behind the wheel.  Writing workshops in French began on 4th of June; English workshops are scheduled for the start of August, and the Chinese group will begin on 18th of June.  The next task: to create our trilingual script in French, English, and Chinese.

Joie et rire 7 juin


Writers, we wish you luck in your creative venture.  Interviewers, many thanks for gathering the material for our script and for being the pubic face of the 99 project.  Everyone, remember to join us on Monday, June 20th at 7:30pm at Kartel for 99 Cheers.  All project members, significant others, and friends welcome!


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