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The play 99 women presents 99 fragments of women’s lives, captured in their diversity and uniqueness. The public discovers 99 women, but not all women–because feminity escapes any attempt of a fixed definition. They hear 99 episodes of their existence, at times funny, trivial and touching, but not all their lives–because every life counts more days and turns. 99 is not a round figure. It is meant to denote between words, what is unaccomplished and remains being said: a space, infinite and forever reinvented that the theatre stage manifests and that is perhaps the exact measure of freedom.
Genevieve Flaven, author


On October 9th, 10th and 11th, 2015 in Shanghai, the Children’s Art Theater of China Welfare hosted the premiere of 99 women. This trilingual play, written and directed by Geneviève Flaven, combined theater, dance and music. The production was a collective journey for more than 130 women ranging from 20 nationalities, living and working in Shanghai, who play, create and collaborate together. 99 women was supported by La Ruche, meaning “the Hive,”a French speaking women network of Shanghai.


Group facilitators meeting

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Creative team : Laetitia CAPPOEN, Amy CHAN, Geneviève FLAVEN, Liz HINGLEY, Kathryn ROBBINS, Mindy RUSKOVICH, Jordan KOSTOV, Jojo PARIS, Marie-Claire BIZOT, Agnès CROSNIER, Daniel NI, Yoann MOLIN, Isabelle PAMBIANCHI, Florence GUILLOT, Aurélie LALANDE, Annie LI, Philip CACOURIS, Cécile PETIT-OBERT and assistants.

Coordinators :
Caroline BENARROUS, Emmanuelle BOUAUD, Anne-Sophie BRABANT, Johanna CACCIARI, Sylvie DUGENEST, Emilie DEMERY, Florence FAUCHEUR, Nadège IFF, Audrey LARGE, Cannelle MARTINELLI, Frédérique SAURAT, Anne-Claire VU.

Actresses and dancers: Caroline BENARROUS, Emmanuelle BOUAUD, Anne-Sophie BRABANT, Johanna CACCIARI, Sylvie DUGENEST, Emilie DEMERY, Florence FAUCHEUR, Nadège IFF, Audrey LARGE, Cannelle MARTINELLI, Frédérique SAURAT, Anne-Claire VU. Aurélie LALANDE, Cendra BELTRITTI, Chloé DECLERCK, Chloé DUGENEST, Evelyn CHU 阿爽, Ivory LI 李红 梅, Joëlle BROHIER, Peilu MA 马佩璐, Phounkeo PHAYVONG, Sofia DUMENIL, Simona PETROVSKA, Rachel BARAC, Natalia YAKOVLEVA, Anne Claire VU, Caroline BENARROUS, Fei FANLING 范羚飞, Anaïs CUISINIER, Isabelle PAMBIANCHI, Anne Sylvie LENOIR, Juliette LEFRANC, Lù XU 陆旭, Natacha TARRASCON, Marion BLEIN, Yingpei XIA 夏英培, Xu WEI 徐慰, Florence GUILLOT, Mira MLADENOVA, Jessie Jing JING金晶晶, Sylvie DUGENEST, Laetitia CAPPOEN, Laurence DAMIER, Edwige CHAPOULAUD, Mathilde GRILLET, Marine BIGO, Elsa MICHANOL, Olga MEREKINA, Stephanie SANCHEZ ROJAS, Stephanie STILL, Sheila MONTES DE OCA, Maya SEBESTYEN, Jian XU 徐健, Vanessa 麻雀船长, Lolo LUO 罗罗, Emilie DEMERY, Audrey LARGE, Emilie ROUSSET, Na LI 丽娜 黄, Mindy RUSKOVICH, Salomé IFF, Saori INAOKA, Joanne KIM, Iris HSU, Emilie LACOSTE, Shu Ping JIA 淑萍 贾, Andrea JONES-ROOY, Lea HINDELANG, Sabrina FERNANDEZ, Nadège IFF, Frédérique SAURAT, Chidelia EDOCHIE, Adja SY, Kelley TAYLOR, Rita PINTO, Tanya ZHANG 张静, Louise LU 陆, Jingyan QI 齐婧妍, Stella XIE 谢一帆, Helen WANG 王, Ouyang SIMAN 欧阳斯曼, Star SHAO 邵欣欣, Vanessa TOBELEM, Agnes CROSNIER, Anne-Sophie GILLIN, Estel VILAR BOFIL, Marie Claire BIZOT, Marion BONTE, Lili FAUCHEUR, Kiki WANG 王愷, Olivia DAI 戴佳琳, Grace YAN 晏楚奇, Marie DUVAL, Annalisa FIORILLO, Amélie PAPIN, Audrey Du 杜佳妮, Raquel LARA, Florence FAUCHEUR, Alice COCHAUX, Heléne COCHAUX, Beatrice SOCHER, Oceane MABILON, Chen 陈芝君, Yiming YIN 殷一鸣, Laurence LINIERE, SULA PANG Kaixin庞凯心, Mathilde PLANCHOT, Florence KA, Daniela MAURO, Amaëlle MAYER, Aya TAZABEK, Emmanuelle BOUAUD, Audrey 明, Cannelle MARTINELLI, Johanna CACCIARI – and all the backups.

La Ruche association members :  Marguerite DEPERROIS, Sarah OUVRAY, Hélene COCHAUX, Sandra BARAUD, Marion BLEIN, Séverine CLEMENT, Jade FRANCINE, Louisa MARECHAL-FABRE, Cannelle MARTINELLI, Karine PARSY, Frédérique SAURAT, Nathalie SHEN, Natacha TARASCON, Emilie DEMERY, Nadège IFF, Rym JARBOUAI, Isabelle PAMBIANCHI, Emilie ROUSSET, Clotilde VASSAL, Mathilde GRILLET, Alicia VENEZIANI, Marie Caroline BIZET and punctual helps.

Partners: Sephora, Mei.Com, Okaidi, Expatrimo, Cache-Cache, Pixalib, Simone Perèle, Mill De Lin, Frank Provost, Belloite, Summergate, Kartel, Mosaic Voyages, Swissnex, Bel, Glamour Lab, TC Clinic, Mon Petit Boudoir, Run Rachel Run and companies that brought their support in kind.

All the benefits of the shows were given to the NGO A Pleines Mains.


99 women Shanghai 2015