From writing to staging: a project based on commitment and social mixity.


In 2017, Geneviève Flaven contacted l’Entre-Pont in Nice to present a theater concept that she already produced in China and India: the 99 project, a collaborative project based from life stories of local residents. The testimonials are then tranformed into theater lines and staged with volunteers. She invited the artists of Entre-Pont to seize the idea and make their own 99 play. The direction of l’Entre-Pont was immediately seduced by this offer that resonates with their artistic approach and decided to launch their own “99 femmes Nice”.

1. The collection of life stories through interviews
The life stories were collected during interviews following on a questionnaire designed by Geneviève Flaven, as an immersion in the existence of these women. At l’Entre-Pont, these 120 interviews were conducted by dozens of volunteers. This first step, always very moving, wove the first links between the participants.

2. Writing workshops From October 2017 to December 2017, l’Entre-Pont hosted 23 writing workshops. Each workshop led by a professional (Laura Hurt, Johanna Piraino, Camille Bouzereau, Fatiha Sadek …) aimed at transforming the testimonials into poetic and theatrical fragments. Of course, the anonymity of the interviews has always been respected.

3. Rehearsals of theater, dance and singing and stage writing
From January to March 2018, the first rehearsals were held for the presentation of the work in progress on March 7th, 2018 at Théâtre Lino Ventura (International Women’s Rights Week) and in May at L’Entre-pont. The final creation was shown at the Théâtre national de Nice on Decembre, 8th 2018 .


Creative crew:
Laurence Marthouret, co-director and choreographer
Johanna Piraino, co-director and composer of stage music and songs
Fatiha Sadek, co-director and theatrical work
and Philippe Maurin, lighting

Cast: Abid Besma, Albert Hélène, Antoniolo Carole, Arnaud Hélène, Audiguier Laurence, Aïcha, Badila Lina, Bart Laurence, Bendjama Yasmina, Berthomé Arielle, Bonnet Jocelyne, Boscher Nadine, Bossuat Jocelyne, Brun Catherine, Chartron Alice, Clément Marie-Hélène, Cognée Brigitte, Costagraglia Annie, Dalmasso Lucile, Deiss Anne-Marie, Dumas Véronique, Dussaut Anne, Dussaut Ariane, Essabik Zora, Faccioli Fabiola, Ferrand Nadine, Gueblia, Gillet Julie, Hamel Hilde, Hariano Christine, Hartanto Christine, Herbrecht Catherine, Iachkine Nicole, Jauneau, Cognée Nathalie, Jukic Miryana, Kudr Natalya, Lecompte Marilyne, Marin Elisa, Marques Jane, Martinez Julia, Massa Corinne, Mathé Murielle, Mathelin Christine, Maza Stéphanie, Monsch-Beauchard Isabelle, Montant Sandra, Montes Maria, Mortelmans Morgane, Nicolas Danielle, Ousselin Anne-Marie, Pascual Sandra, Pauselli Catherine, Petroselli Rita, Peyre Agnès, Riquier Elsa, Roquebrun Murielle, Sabatier Annie, Sabotier Annie, Salerno Nicole, Salerno Yvonne, Semeria Peggy, Simonneau Chantal, Solimans Viviane, Sophie Jeanne, Thiemann Alys, Timsit Eva, Vivier Anne, Volat Caroline, Voue Françoise and more…


L’Entre-Pont with Fred Alemany, Nicole Enouf (management) et Margot Pallen (communication)

Sponsors & Partners:

La Ville de Nice
La Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur
La CAF – Alpes-maritimes
Le festival femmes en scènes
Le CCAS « le Village »
Accueil Femmes solidarité
Théâtre National de Nice

Gallery Pictures of the show at Theâtre National de Nice on December 2018