A 99-voice polyphonic comedy, the play 99 Live Shanghai stages 99 men and women who tell us the little things and the great moments of their lives. Inspired by the testimonials of more than 150 Shanghai city dwellers, it gives a striking picture of the diversity of cultures and the profound uniqueness of every person.


The play 99 Live Shanghai was written and staged following the 99 project principles. The project started in March 2016 with the interviews (150 interviewees, 70 interviewers). In June 2016, 50 writers in French, English and Chinese transformed the interviews reports in short theater lines. The final version of play was edited and translated in 3 languages (English, Chinese and French) in January 2017.


About the interview experience

  • Be ready to be surprised! Inès
  • As an interviewee, the interview really helped me get to know myself better and I really enjoyed being listened to so attentively by someone for two hours.Valérie
  • It’s amazing how you can finally share a secret and important experience with someone you’ve never met before. Candy
  • What makes the interview process so interesting is that it makes possible authentic interactions. Stella

About the writing & composition experience 

  • In this workshop we do not judge our writing skills, but we focus mainly on the way we describe a person. Above all, it’s about being honest about how one observes a character. Gaëlle
  • Obviously, we all bring our own experience when creating a character, our reflection, what we experienced before and what resonnates with the interviewee life story. In that sense, it makes it very personal. Pierre
  • Writing 99 makes me think of how different characters are created. How a person becomes what he or she is, between all possibilities. In the end, I become more aware of the difference between people and I try to understand why such a difference exists. Jingyan
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About staging

In January 2017, the play was ready but we had to wait until summer 2017 to overcome the obstacles of local theatre production. Reading performances with dedicated readers in each language and staging team were programmed in different venues and in Fall 2017, the public of Shanghai discovered the 99 LIVE SHANGHAI play in Chinese at Ming Contemporary Art Museum (上海明当代美术馆) and in English and French in the co-working space MIXPACE.

A creative team formed by 金晶晶Jessie JIN, 王一茗Geneviève WANG, Geneviève FLAVEN, Sarah BUSSY, Marta COTRIM, Lelia TAHABURT co-created the staged reading in June 2017.



Cast (French): Cécilia, Céline, Olivier, Mathieu, Laurence et Isabelle

Cast (English): Ennis, Kimberley, De Anne, Danny, Howard, Miranda

Cast (Chinese): 吴梦婷 (Tina),俞晴 (Coco),陆倩倩 (Louise),王愷 (Kiki), 王福昌 (Raymond), 陈放 (Tony)

Creative crew & tech

Dancers: Anna MATWEEVA (choregrapher), 张雷Lei, Natalia Kuznetsov, 李莉 Lily , 陆倩倩Louise Lu

Musicians: The small sax orchestra Lidwine DESLANGLE, Chris DEMAS, Claire MARTIN, Geneviève FLAVEN (MCAM shows)

Production & Tech: Weiwei, Xiawei and Nini (MCAM show), Will Potter (Mixpace shows)

Posters: Yujin LEE

Photos: Liz Browne (all except Chinese shows)

Costumes: BONOBO (Isabelle)

99 Live Shanghai